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KNKT is a resource of Calvary Albuquerque. We present solid Bible teaching and modern worship. The radio station can be heard in the Albuquerque area at 107.1 FM.


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No Other Doctrine with Scott Thom

No Other Doctrine with Scott ThomNo Other Doctrine with Scott Thom welcomes you to the show where you can call in with your questions on Doctrine, Religion and Reasons for Faith. The hope is to inform people about the truths of Christianity and encourage others in their walk with Christ.
P.O. Box 94764
Albuquerque, NM 87199


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ABQ Connect

ABQ Connect LogoABQ Connect is Albuquerque's live, local talk and call-in show, hosted by long-time radio veteran Peter Benson. With a variety of guests and topics, ABQ Connect continues to bring the Christian community together for challenging and uplifting discussion each day.

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Money Academy
At a time of year when we're focused on freedom and independence, take a moment... more...

Summer Bash
Life Community Church in Las Cruces invites you to their free Summer Bash on Saturday,... more...

Thirty-Year Anniversary Celebration
Join La Luz Christian Church on Sunday, August 6, at 10 am as they celebrate... more...

Skate Competition
Expect a Miracle Ministries invites you to their youth skate competition, Welcome to My House,... more...

Evangelism Training Class
If you're nervous about sharing your faith, don't know how to, have questions, or just... more...

Church Launch: CityReach Church Ventana Ranch
CityReach Network is launching a new church in the Ventana Ranch area on Sunday, September... more...

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Check Out the What's Next? Devo in the Bible App
Look to the future with faith and hope. Check out the What's Next? devo in... more...

July Connection Resource
Did you know that you have a one in 136,011 chance of dying by lightning... more...

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Wholelife Wellness

The birth of Wholelife Wellness began with a desire to move people to take control of their health by making informed decisions to help their body bring itself back into balance. It all began by... more...


The Connection with Skip Heitzig

The Connection with Skip Heitzig The Connection radio broadcast with Skip Heitzig helps equip believers to live according to God's principles. These daily 30-minute broadcasts are aired worldwide and follow Calvary’s mission of upreach to our Heavenly Father, inreach to those already in the body of Christ, and outreach to those lost in sin.

Each radio teaching from Skip Heitzig opens with a musical invitation to “Make the Connection.” We often receive requests for The Connection theme music and have now made this melody available to be heard or freely downloaded at any time. more...