ABQ Connect is Albuquerque's live, local talk and call-in show. This weekday one-hour program airs Monday through Friday at 1:00 PM and is hosted by long-time radio veteran Peter Benson. With a variety of guests and topics, ABQ Connect continues to bring the Christian community together for challenging and uplifting discussion each day.

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9/18/2015 Today we listen to Pastor Skip Heitzig interview Erwin Lutzer, about Muslim influence in our world, the current state of technology, and the need to be in Godís Word on a regular basis.
9/17/2015 We open the studio to three businessmen from around the world, who share Christ in the workplace and have a common ministry thread through FCCI, the Fellowship of Companies for Christ International. Plus, Desert Springs Church is releasing a new worship project called This Is Our Song this weekend, and we hear a couple of tracks on today's broadcast. Listen Download
9/16/2015 Jeremie Kubicek from Giant Worldwide is in town today for a free event at New Covenant Church, and we share some in-studio time with him to discuss his newest book and training session on the 5 Gears approach to living life intentionally. Plus, Tom Doyle shares about his new online study that features stories of Christians from the Middle East, who stand their ground in the face of incredible hostility and terror. Listen Download
9/15/2015 The new motion picture Captive is getting some great reviews, and today we hear from the lady whose story it's based on. We also hear from A Peaceful Habitation about their upcoming fundraiser. Plus, Focus on the Familyís Greg Smalley helps us curb our appetites for football this season. Listen Download
9/14/2015 We are back at Expo New Mexico today to meet with those who came in from all over the state to enjoy the state fair. We hear from Larry Kennedy about how the fair is moving forward this year, and Dan Mourning gives us updates on the various contests and activities available. Plus, Fuddruckers shares how they are prepared to defend their title of Green Chile Cheeseburger Champ. Listen Download
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