ABQ Connect is Albuquerque's live, local talk and call-in show. This weekday one-hour program airs Monday through Friday at 1:00 PM and is hosted by long-time radio veteran Peter Benson. With a variety of guests and topics, ABQ Connect continues to bring the Christian community together for challenging and uplifting discussion each day.

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9/30/2016 Albuquerque is starting to buzz with balloonists, and today we broadcast live from the Balloon Fiesta Park, bringing you new developments and highlights that will make the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta even more enjoyable this year. We talk with event organizers, representatives from the Balloon Museum, Safety Patrol, and many others who have traveled from faraway lands to fly the skies this year. Listen Download
9/29/2016 Singer and songwriter Plumb talks to us today about the message of hope and healing that permeates her music. Plus, Joy Junction welcomes classic rocker Randy Stonehill for a free concert this Saturday night. Listen Download
9/28/2016 Today on ABQ Connect we welcome Calvary Albuquerque missionary Kathy Scott and learn how she is working to heal hurts and hearts in Eastern Europe. Plus, Todd Taylor from Samaritanís Purse and Kater Zemke update us on the rebuilding efforts taking place in east Baton Rouge, and we learn how this ministry is impacting this disaster zone. Listen Download
9/27/2016 Today we get a glimpse at the future of our country as we discuss George Barna's new book America at the Crossroads. Plus, Alex McFarland gives us some tools we can use to evaluate the candidates in the 2016 election. We also learn about some ways voting in New Mexico is made easier at bernco.gov. Listen Download
9/26/2016 John Jones from LifeQuest and Dr. Marcus Goodloe join us today and give us an inside look at how incarcerated youth are being ministered to here in New Mexcio, and they expound on the challenges that awaits us in mentoring these youth into a relationship with Jesus. Plus, Bryan Trujillo from the Parchments bookstore at Calvary Albuquerque tells us about their new selection of quality books and Bibles.
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