ABQ Connect is Albuquerque's live, local talk and call-in show. This weekday one-hour program airs Monday through Friday at 1:00 PM and is hosted by long-time radio veteran Peter Benson. With a variety of guests and topics, ABQ Connect continues to bring the Christian community together for challenging and uplifting discussion each day.

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6/26/2015 Garden Talk's Rick Hobson gives you an early start to your weekend gardening tasks as he answers your questions about landscaping, pruning, fertilizers, xeriscape, and other outdoor-related topics. Listen Download
6/25/2015 We talk with Bill McKeever about his book Mormonism 101, as he helps us understand more about what Mormons believe and how to reach them with God's truth. Plus, we hear from the Hispano Chamber of Commerce about the upcoming soccer match between the Albuquerque Sol and a professional soccer team from Mexico. Listen Download
6/24/2015 We hear from missionary Slavé Velesanov about how the Lord is moving in Croatia and Eastern Europe, and he shares how we can serve Jesus wherever we are. Plus, Phil and Rose Struck share about the joy of participating in an Operation Christmas Child outreach in Ecuador. And, Aspen Project director Clay Schroff talks about the joy of welcoming children into our homes. Listen Download
6/23/2015 We hear from Eileen Marx about how the Lord has delivered her and her husband, Victor, from fear and frustration in their marriage to true freedom in Christ. She also shares how she Ministries' #Deliverance summer series can help us break through many other strongholds. Plus, Lawrence Wilson breaks down some principles from the book Being Jesus' Disciple that can help us be a true follower of Christ. Listen Download
6/22/2015 Vince Harrison, ministry director of safety and security at Calvary Albuquerque, shares some of the specific guidelines that all churches can and should take when it comes to protecting the flock. Plus, Trillia Newbell discusses unity and forgiveness in light of the recent tragedy in Charleston, and we see how that attitude can play out in the workplace with Fellowship of Companies for Christ International's Terence Chatmon. Listen Download
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