ABQ Connect is Albuquerque's live, local talk and call-in show. This weekday one-hour program airs Monday through Friday at 1:00 PM and is hosted by long-time radio veteran Peter Benson. With a variety of guests and topics, ABQ Connect continues to bring the Christian community together for challenging and uplifting discussion each day.

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7/16/2014 Pastor and apologist Scott Thom of No Other Doctrine, a ministry of Cross Christian Fellowship, joins us today as we open the phone lines to answer your questions about biblical topics. Plus, Aspen Project's Clay Schroff shares about the importance of fostering and adopting children in our area. Listen Download
7/15/2014 We hear some great stories about courageous dogs as author and dog-lover Ace Collins shares from his book Man's Best Hero, giving us some spiritual principles as well. Plus, she Ministries' Shimmer conference is just a couple weeks away, and Proverbs 31 Ministries gives us a preview of the event. Listen Download
7/14/2014 Daniel Lusko gives us the inside scoop on his film Persecuted, which opens in theaters nationwide this Friday. Plus, Mike Ross from Back to the Bible shares about the book Worry-Free Living, which examines from a biblical perspective the causes and effects of the stressors in our lives. And, For Zion's Sake Ministries' Bradley Antolovich brings us an update on Israel. Listen Download
7/11/2014 During our feature ABQ Marketplace, we hear from new local businesses that provide great products and services for you and your family, as well as established businesses that have earned your trust. Today's featured businesses are Jan-Pro of New Mexico, Inc., Clinger Pro Roofing, Office Alternatives, Association of Commerce and Industry, and personal trainer Mike Shields.
7/10/2014 We look at what life to the fullest can be when pastor and author Daniel Hill brings us a deep discussion of his book 10:10, which is about why Jesus came: to give us abundant life in Him. Plus, we connect with Lisa Allen of Proverbs 31 Ministries to discuss her role in she Ministries' Shimmer conference with Lenya Heitzig, which is Friday and Saturday, August 1-2. Listen Download
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