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5/20/2015 Paul Clark is in town, and this troubadour of Jesus Music blesses us with his new CD, Whistlestop. Plus, we talk with Pete Wilson about turning What Keeps You Up at Night into a recalibrated faith, trusting God has it all under control. We also let you in on Parchments big Memorial Week Sale. Listen Download
5/19/2015 We reconnect with Elyse Fitzpatrick about how the gospel of Christ is freeing for weary souls. Jesus said,''Come to me and rest,'' and our daily response should be ''Yes, Lord.'' Plus, author and apologist Bill McKeever has just published the book Mormonism 101, which uncovers the beliefs of the Latter-Day Saints. Listen Download
5/18/2015 John Chitwood of Southern Blvd. Automotive in Rio Rancho brings helpful advice for anything you deal with in the automotive realm. Plan to call and get a quick fix over the phone today, as John guides you through your dilemma and gives one of our listeners a year's worth of oil changes at Southern Blvd. Automotive. Listen Download
5/15/2015 Today we get an update from Faith Comes By Hearing and their digital Bible platform that helps make up deafbible.com. Plus, we hear from the state director of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Christi Musser, about a night to honor New Mexicans who have supported FCA over the years: Don Chalmers and Monty Gavin. Plus, the Libre Initiative is bringing two days of seminars and guest speakers to the Crowne Plaza Hotel, and we find out about the impact this has in our community. Listen Download
5/14/2015 We would go to the far reaches of the world to share the gospelóbut what about right next door? Amy Lively challenges us to love our neighbor, and gives us some great ideas to break through barriers in order to carry out this command of Christ. Plus, an update from the field with For Zion's Sake ministry in Nepal. Plus, an update about the Rio Grande river cleanup day this Saturday. Listen Download
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