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C12 Group NM
As a Christian CEO or business owner, do you sometimes feel alone and perhaps overwhelmed? The work and responsibility that rests on a CEO’s shoulders can really be understood only by other leaders. C12 Groups understand the need for company leaders to have accountability, training, and peer advice. That is why C12 is starting a group right here in Albuquerque. The C12 membership group focuses on business development and helps to keep Christ at the center of your life and business. C12 will help you regain balance in your life.

Studies have shown that, on average, long-term companies with C12 members grow at three times the rate of blue chip companies. C12 companies achieve this growth, while simultaneously becoming exceptional places to work and reach their employees and communities for the Kingdom of God.

The C12 Group is hosting a special seminar on developing a “Performance Based Compensation System” including the biblical perspective on February 21. Learn more at, or call Tim Turner at 505-359-5555.

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