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Wholelife Wellness
The birth of Wholelife Wellness began with a desire to move people to take control of their health by making informed decisions to help their body bring itself back into balance. It all began by viewing a talk show hosting a health care practitioner specializing in Iridology. I had never heard of Iridology and wanted to learn more.

The timing was perfect! The facility where I was employed for the past 23 years was closing. This became a blessing and a wonderful opportunity to pursue working in a field that I found to be of great interest, to share what I've learned, and enjoy doing so the rest of my life.

Four years have been devoted towards the study of the external eye and learning what eyes reveal about our mental, emotional, and physical body using iridology (study of the color, openings, pigmentation, and fibers in the iris) and sclerology (the study of the color, red markings, raised structures of the whites of the eyes). As a certified iridologist, I acquired a degree in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), specializing in herbal medicine and aromatherapy.

Every eye is unique to its owner and every person is unique in the way they feel, think, love, and live which impacts the state of health, along with age, genetic inheritance, environment, diet, lifestyle, and spiritual cultivation. It is the goal of Wholelife Wellness to educate and guide those whose paths we cross toward being the master of their well-being.

Marcia Briseno


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