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The Jesus Music Revolution is a weekly one-hour excursion to the music of the 70's and 80's airing twice each weekend, Saturdays at 1:00 PM and Sundays at 5:00 PM.


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8/14/2016 Jesus Music Revolution - Sunday, August 14
Guitarist extraordinaire Phil Keaggy opens up this edition of Jesus Music Revolution with his extended version of “Time.” We hear great guitar and vocals from Mike Roe of the 77s, and LP Steve shares one of Tim Miner’s earliest releases "Endangered Species." We also hear music by Love Song’s Chuck Girard, Russ Taff, Northbound, and the little-known duo Limpic and Rayburn from the early 1970s.
8/7/2016 Jesus Music Revolution - Sunday, August 7
We begin today with "Ain't He Wonderful" by the group Lamb, who had hits in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, and LP Steve shares hits from the Boone Sisters, daughters of Pat Boone. We also hear music by Dan Peek from the band America, DeGarmo and Key, southern rockers Ed Ratzloff and Randy Matthews, and a hit from 1984 by Kenny Marks.
7/24/2016 Jesus Music Revolution - Sunday, July 24
Billy Smiley from Whiteheart and John Schlitt from Petra joined forces to create a new group called the Union of Sinners and Saints, who just released a new record. Today on this special edition of Jesus Music Revolution, we hear some of the tracks from this new project along with a couple of classics from both Petra and Whiteheart.
7/17/2016 Jesus Music Revolution - Sunday, July 17
We begin this edition of Jesus Music Revolution with the song “Don’t Let Jesus Pass You By” by one of the first groups in Christian rock, the JC Power Outlet. We hear Petra’s song “It Is Finished,” and music by Paul Davis, Rich Mullins, the Imperials, and the Alwyn Wall Band. We get a special treat from the vinyl vault as LP Steve shares a classic Talbot Brothers work called “Advent Suite.”
7/10/2016 Jesus Music Revolution - Sunday, July 10
Jesus Music Revolution opens today with "Out of the Natural” by Benny Hester. We cover a broad spectrum of Jesus music from Darrell Mansfield all the way back to the All Saved Freak Band and their song “Peace, Love and Rock and Roll.” Plus LP Steve brings music by Amplified Version out of the vinyl vault and we hear classic tunes from Barry McGuire, Rich Mullins, and the group September.
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