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The Jesus Music Revolution is a weekly one-hour excursion to the music of the 70's and 80's airing twice each weekend, Saturdays at 1:00 PM and Sundays at 5:00 PM.


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4/30/2017 Jesus Music Revolution - Sunday, April 30
Today on Jesus Music Revolution, DeGarmo and Key present the gospel message in their song "Go Tell Them." We also hear music from Seawind and enjoy the vocal mastery of Tim Sheppard. We hear Steve Taylor’s son "To Forgive," and Lewis McVay’s song "Time."
4/23/2017 Jesus Music Revolution - Sunday, April 23
We begin this edition of JMR with the Rez Band’s song "Colours" and move right into "Someone to Hold On To," an eighties classic from The Choir. We hear Bob Dylan's track "Saved," and LP Steve recalls a favorite lyric from Petra’s song "Seen and Not Heard." We also hear a great line from Phil Keaggy’s song "Disappointment," AD’s track "New Age Blues," and Will McFarlane's song "Call Me a Dreamer."
4/16/2017 Jesus Music Revolution - Sunday, April 16
Today we hear music from Steve Taylor and Steve Camp, two great artists from the eighties. LP Steve shares music from the vinyl vault, including Malcolm and the Mirrors' song, "Paint Your Windows White," off their album Red Alert. We also hear music by Randy Stonehill and Michael W. Smith, and enjoy Mark Heard’s song "Winds of Time" and Russ Taff’s track "Winds of Change."
4/9/2017 Jesus Music Revolution - Sunday, April 09
We celebrate the ministry of David and the Giants and hear from them about their journey from the secular music system in the sixties and seventies to the heart of Christian rock in the eighties. David Huff and the band's long-time drummer Keith Thibodeaux join us today, and we hear their classic hits along with some brand-new music.
4/2/2017 Jesus Music Revolution - Sunday, April 02
We blast off this edition of Jesus Music Revolution with some R&B as we hear Al Green’s song "Everything’s Gonna Be Alright." We catch a track from Mylon and hear Connie Scott’s song "D.O.A." Larry Gallegos shares some of his favorite lyrics from songs by Terry Talbot, Leslie Phillips, and Bruce Hibbard.
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