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KNKT broadcasts throughout the greater Albuquerque metro area, featuring the best Bible teaching and modern worship. We have some of Christian radio's best presenters and the best modern worship around. We're Live, Local and Loving New Mexico!



12:00 AM | Glad News for muslims

with Samy Tanagho

12:30 am | thru the bible

with J. Vernon McGee

1:00 am | living on the edge

with chip ingram

1:30 AM | Let my people think

with ravi Zacharias

2:00 am | the moody church hour

with erwin lutzer

3:00 AM | Godsword

with Ken Graves

3:30 AM | Pathway to Victory

with Robert Jeffress

4:00 AM | The Road to Reality

with KP Yohannan

5:00 AM | Focus on the Family

with Jim Daly

6:00 AM | Focal Point

with Mike Fabarez

6:30 AM | Connect 

with skip heitzig

7:00 AM | Truth for Life

with Alistair Begg

7:30 AM | Turning Point

with David Jeremiah

8:30 am | garden talk

with rick hobson

9:00 AM | Bible school of the air

with Chuck Smith

10:00 AM | Bible school of the air

with Chuck Missler

11:00 AM | Bible school of the air

with Skip Heitzig

12:00 PM | Bible school of the air

with Scott Richards

1:00 PM | The Alternative

with Tony Evans

1:30 PM | Worship and the word

with robert morris

2:00 PM | A Daily Walk Encore

with John Randall

2:30 PM | Running to Win Encore

with Erwin Lutzer

3:30 PM | Focus on the Family Encore

with Jim Daly

4:00 PM | Daily Hope Encore

with Rick Warren

4:30 PM | Connect Encore

with Skip Heitzig

5:00 PM | A New Beginning Encore

with Greg Laurie

5:30 PM | Grace to You Encore

with John MacArthur

6:00 PM | The Winning Walk Encore

with Ed Young

6:30 PM | Somebody Loves You Encore

with Raul Ries

7:00 PM | calvary church albuquerque

with skip heitzig

8:00 PM | Powerpoint Encore

with Jack Graham

8:30 PM | Turning Point Encore

with David Jeremiah 

9:00 PM | Crosspoints

with Scott Thom

10:00 PM | The Eric Metaxas Show Encore

with Eric Metaxas

11:00 PM | Family Talk Encore

with James Dobson

11:30 PM | Focal Point Encore

with Mike Fabarez