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Reload Love
Posted: Thursday, October 02, 2014
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Picture for Reload Love We are the army of love. We dream of a day when children do not fear for their lives. Through your generous support, Reload Love has raised and distributed $24,000 to an elementary school in Poipet, Cambodia, a children's program in Mae Sot, Thailand, and the Good Life Club, the relief arm of the Free Burma Rangers. Join us as we fight back with tenderness to redeem the lives of children who have been impacted by terrorism. Find out more when you stop by our kiosk at the weekend services or visit

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October Connection Resource
Posted: Wednesday, October 01, 2014
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Picture for October Connection Resource If you tune out the hopeless news the world slams at you day after day, you're probably not alone. But as believers in Jesus, we need to be spiritually tuned into what's happening around the world. In this month's resource, you'll find Pastor Skip Heitzig's book Homeland Security, which shows you how to stand against spiritual threats. Also included is Dr. Erwin Lutzer's book The Cross in the Shadow of the Crescenta call for the church to recognize and respond to the spread of Islam. And in the Skip Heitzig Connects You with Dr. Erwin Lutzer DVD interview, you'll dive deeper into these issues as Pastor Skip and Dr. Lutzer candidly discuss the spiritual state of our country. It's time to wake up!

Order this special October resource from The Connection for a donation of any amount. Place your order online or when you call 1.800.922.1888.