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July Connection Resource
Posted: Friday, July 1, 2016
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Picture for July Connection Resource What's on your agenda this summer? Why not dive into a summer Bible binge and experience God's Word like never before? This month's resource from The Connection is the Deep & Wide collection, a compilation of 500 teachings by Skip Heitzig on topics ranging from the foundations of the Christian faith to marriage and family. This collection comes with thirty-one complete teaching series, including God's Top Ten, How to Study the Bible and Enjoy It, Who Is This Jesus?, Running with Champions, and many more. The messages come on a set of eight MP3 CDs that can be played on an MP3 compatible device. Dive into God's Word and start building up your Bible knowledge!

Order this July resource from The Connection for a donation of any amount. Place your order online or when you call 800.922.1888.