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April Connection Resource
Posted: Wednesday, April 01, 2015
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Picture for April Connection Resource Christians are dying for their faith in countries hostile to the gospel—and we as believers need to be aware of this. In February, Skip Heitzig and a team from Reload Love went to the Middle East to find out how they can aid children affected by terrorism. This month only, The Connection is offering an exclusive resource that includes behind-the-scenes photos and a private audio briefing from Skip about his trip. Also included is the book Killing Christians by Tom Doyle about the incredible pressure believers are under in the Middle East. You will also receive an update from Dr. Steven Collins about his controversial project in Jordan to discover the real Sodom. And you'll learn to navigate your life by the resurrection of Jesus with Skip's teaching "Say It Loud: He's Alive!" Don't miss out on this exciting, limited-time-only resource!

Order this special April resource from The Connection for a suggested donation of $30. Place your order online or when you call 1.800.922.1888.

Reload Love
Posted: Tuesday, March 10, 2015
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Picture for Reload Love Every day, we hear about the tragedies happening in the Middle East and around the world where children are caught in the crossfire of terror. But you can join the lovement to redeem the lives of these little ones. When you become a new monthly donor of $30 or more, you'll receive our new double disc charm. Thank you for joining the ranks of Reload Love. Your generosity helps arm children with hope.

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