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Picture of a DJ
July Connection Resource
Posted: Tuesday, July 01, 2014
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Picture for July Connection Resource Daniel was not a man of this world. Those around him knew he would never compromise. His God was on the throne, and he lived like it. God used him to influence the government of his day, predict events far into the future, and fight against the flow of society. The Old Testament book of Daniel tells his story, and thousands of years later, he still stands as an example of radical, godly living. In this month's resource, join Pastor Skip Heitzig in the teaching series I Dare You as he explores the book of Daniel verse-by-verse and dares you to live solely for God. The entire series—a total of twenty-four messages—is preloaded on an MP3 player, which also comes with earbuds and a charger. Dare to be like Daniel, who lived radically in the light of the truth that God is and always will be on the throne.

Order this special July resource from The Connection for just $35. Place your order online or when you call 1.800.922.1888.