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Support Static Radio During Fall Share-A-Thon
Posted: Saturday, September 20, 2014
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Picture for Support Static Radio During Fall Share-A-Thon Static Radio is a listener-supported, nonprofit radio station that provides a unique alternative to the typical radio station, consistently presenting the gospel in a loving, unique, and authentic way. It's because of you and your financial contributions that we are able to do what we love: play the latest music, engage in challenging conversations, and just have fun getting you through your day. During our on-air Share-A-Thon on Wednesday-Friday, October 1-3, please consider being a financial partner of Static Radio, and be a part of spreading the message of hope found only in Jesus Christ. Visit to donate today.

Reload Love
Posted: Friday, September 05, 2014
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Picture for Reload Love Through your generous support, Reload Love has helped purchase a truck and put on a children's program in Mae Sot, Thailand and expanded the school and playground in Poipet, Cambodia. Join us in our mission to help heal little ones around the world whose lives have been damaged by the ugliness of terrorism. Find out more when you stop by our kiosk at the weekend services or visit

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September Connection Resource
Posted: Monday, September 01, 2014
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Picture for September Connection Resource Have you tried to read the book of Revelation, only to get frustrated at how hard it is to understand? How can you even begin to learn everything the Bible says about the end times? Studying Revelation and other prophetic texts in the Bible is not just for pastors and theologians—it's for you. In this month's resource, we're offering two helpful books about the end times. In Pastor Skip Heitzig's book You Can Understand the Book of Revelation, learn how to interpret the signs and symbols of the last book of the Bible. Then dig into the book Blood Moons Rising by prophecy expert Mark Hitchcock, where he takes a balanced look at the blood moon prophecy of the Bible in relation to recent phenomenon. The Bible says, "There is a God in heaven who reveals secrets" (Dan. 2:28, NLT), and when you seek out knowledge of His Word, He is faithful to reveal those mysteries to you.

Order this special September resource from The Connection for just $25. Place your order online or when you call 1.800.922.1888.