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Gift Ideas from the Connection
Posted: Thursday, November 10, 2016
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Picture for Gift Ideas from the Connection The Connection Gift Ideas brochure is an easy way to select special Christmas gifts for everyone on your list! Have you struggled to explain the foundations of the Christian faith to a friend or family member? Give them the What You Want Them to Know teaching compilation by Skip Heitzig that addresses the hard-to-understand topics of our faith. Share the radical love Christ has for the world with the Jesus Loves People package, which includes fourteen messages and four booklets by Skip. Inspire someone in your life who is interested to learn what the future holds with Skip's fourteen-message series What's Next?, or the What's Next? Briefing Package that includes a book, an insightful teaching, and two booklets, all by Skip. Be challenged to make a difference right where you are as you read Skip's book Defying Normal about the life of Daniel. Other great resources include the 2017 Tour of Israel Calendar, featuring stunning photographs of the Holy Land taken by Skip himself, and the 2016 Connection Commemorative Ornament. We're offering all of these gifts at special, reduced prices, and all shipping in the continental U.S. is free!

Shop our Christmas offers online, download the Connection Gift Ideas brochure, or request a copy here or by calling 800.922.1888.