Live, Local & Loving New Mexico

KNKT broadcasts throughout the greater Albuquerque metro area, featuring the best Bible teaching and modern worship. We have some of Christian radio's best presenters and the best modern worship around. We're Live, Local and Loving New Mexico!


Because it works! 

  • KNKT is the most listened to Christian Talk station in New Mexico
  • KNKT is foreground radio designed for people who are listening for the inspirational teaching, life counseling and information we carry
  • KNKT affects the mind, body and soul with inspirational / informational messages
  • KNKT's listeners are devoted to both the station and its advertisers!
  • KNKT's listeners seek out KNKT advertisers over others offering similar products
  • KNKT has a long track record of success with advertising partners in virtually every product category-90% renewal rate for long time clients
  • KNKT is a direct response leader for our advertising and programming partners

Are your advertising dollars really reaching the right target?

There are a lot of radio stations in the Albuquerque Metro area. They would all like to tell you they do the best job at getting your message in front of more people. Of course, we all know there are audiences and there are audiences. If you are selling furniture, carpeting or swimming pools, would it make sense to invest your hard earned dollars on a radio station that appeals to just anyone? Or would you rather place your message in front of married homeowners with families? KNKT 107.1 FM is well known in the area for its ability to reach an upscale, well educated, family-oriented audience that has disposable income. Give us an opportunity to show you why advertisers from mortgage companies to car dealers, renew their contracts.

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